As the premier music publicity & promotional team for emerging artists and independent labels, Saint In The City has one central ethos - to help talented artists grow their careers & achieve their goals. 

In today's overcrowded market, it's never been more important to secure publicity, playlist spots & airplay for your music. If you want better gigs, more festival slots, record label/booking agent interest, a bigger fanbase, more streams - then you need effective promotion for your releases.

Ambitious bands & solo acts need to be able to cut through the noise of the crowd & be heard...and that's where we come in.

We offer an affordable 360 solution to your promotional needs across national, international, regional & digital radio, online press and streaming platforms.

We've worked on a range of campaigns that have seen our artists placed on official Spotify playlists, gain national & international radio airplay with huge radio stations, and secure premieres/features/interviews with influential magazines & websites Check out our RESULTS page for a few examples.

We only work with acts we think can be successful, and we'll work as a team together to make that success a reality. You bring the great music - we'll do the rest.

Email us at info@saintinthecity.com now.