EXAMPLE CAMPAIGN - Americana/Country

We're happy to work across genres, and represent clients across Indie, Rock, Pop, Country and Americana. We worked with the very talented country/folk/pop artist Hannah White on her second album, the brilliant Who's Side Are You On? 

As part of our album campaigns, we always include promotion of a lead single alongside the full record, and in this case we worked with the lead track I'll Make You Strong to drum up support and momentum for Hannah and the album ahead of release.

Our affordable 10 week campaign for the album & single secured these excellent results...

RADIO (spot plays/sessions/playlisting)

BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio London (airplay & two live sessions/interviews), BBC Radio Merseyside (airplay & live session/interview), BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Kent (airplay & live session/interview), Amazing Radio (airplay & live session), Chris Country Radio, UK Country Radio, Express FM, Glastonbury FM, Positively Talented (airplay & live session), Radio Warwickshire, Croydon Radio, Kane FM, Radio Wey, Radio Deeside (airplay & live session), Severn FM, Tamworth Community Radio, Chelmsford Community Radio, Cambridge Community Radio, Dapper FM. Nova FM, Radio KC, Florida Country Radio, KROW Country Radio, Blues & Roots Radio, Way Out Radio.

PRESS (reviews/interviews/features)

R2 Magazine, Country Music People, Acoustic Magazine, Americana UK, Fatea Magazine, Music News, The Daily Country, Belles & Gals, Female First, She Makes Music, Somethin' Country, MidTN Music, Mytacism Music, Your Life In A Song, Chester Chronicle, Meander Music, Muzik Speaks.

Watch the video for I'll Make You Strong here -