Who uses PR companies?

Every successful record label, management company & ambitious band will use PR professionals to generate publicity & radio plays for their releases, tours & brand. You can find this info on official websites & Facebook pages in the contact section, usually under 'Press' or 'Radio' or 'TV'. Effective PR is as essential as having good songs, a booking agent, a producer, good artwork, a distribution company, good gear & equipment - we're the reason artists get played & covered by the media. You won't hear bands talking about their PR company (because it dilutes the magic & mystery of rock n' roll fame etc), but they'll have them!

More and more unsigned/independent bands are now using professional PR to get heard above the crowd.

Are we ready for a PR campaign?

If you have great music that you believe in, that other people seem to be responding well to and you're aiming higher than playing gigs with your mates in your hometown - then you're ready to consider investing in PR.

What will effective PR do for our band?

You'll get your music heard. Your new release will be competing for airplay spots & editorial coverage with thousands (and in a hugely competitive market, it is thousands) of other bands - many of whom will have killer records of their own. We'll make sure your music jumps to the top of the pile.

With radio airplay, press coverage & playlist inclusions you'll get more streams/sales & more new fans/followers.

You'll be on the radar of festival bookers, booking agents, A&R scouts, managers, licensing teams, gig promoters - because they all read & listen to the media you'll be featured with.

You'll be more credible when booking tours/festivals & will have a steady stream of new content to share with your fanbase.

So there are really endless opportunities to be generated & taken advantage of by talented bands.

Sounds good. Can't we just do all this ourselves?

With healthy self belief in your music often comes self belief in other areas of the business & that's not always a bad thing. But ask youself -

Do you have excellent communication & writing skills to create engaging & persuasive pitches?

Do you have access to hundreds of influential editors/journalists/producers/DJs/bloggers?

Do you have ready-made, previously established relationships with those media professionals which means they'll treat your submissions with open ears?

Do you have the time to create press material, send out hundreds of pitches (in the correct format) & follow them up until you get feedback?

Chances are, the answer is no to most of those questions. And that's why you need our help.

OK. So why choose Saint In The City PR?

We know the business - not just publicity, but social media, touring, recording, production, songwriting, marketing, finance, sales, data analysis. There just isn't an area of the music industry we don't have huge expertise in as a team. We understand emerging artists & their needs in an ever-changing music world.

On top of that, we're approachable. We're transparent. We're experienced. We're affordable. We do things differently to a lot of PR companies...

- We have great, trusted, long-term relationships with the media. We know what our contacts like & don't like & we don't treat them like another number in a database.

- We keep clients updated with regular contact.

- We provide detailed final reports at the end of a campaign.

- We won't dump unsigned/independent artist campaigns on interns or prioritise more established clients like some other publicists often do. Every act on our roster has equal importance.

- We'll also support you in other areas, like providing live contacts/arranging licensing/forming release plans - we're on your team, after all.

You can find examples of our work around this site, and read testimonials from our clients.