We work with some of the best emerging and independent artists/labels around the world. In the last year alone, we've worked on sucessful campaigns for great releases from bands in the USA, UK, Denmark, Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa and Canada.

We recently worked with Swiss electro-pop-rockers Matto Rules, who wanted to reach new territories and expand their media profile there after working hard to establish a fanbase in their home country.

We agreed to target new music radio and press in key cities in the USA and UK (as this was effectively the band's 'debut' release in these markets) but also pitched to our contacts in Europe, Australia and more.

Our affordable campaign for their single Tonight produced these excellent results - 

RADIO AIRPLAY (playlisting/spot plays)

KROQ (Los Angeles), 107.7 The End (Seattle), Indie 1031 (LA), KZRQ (Nevada), KNRK (Portland), KKDO (California), WMSC (New Jersey), 107.7 Alternative Buffalo (New York), WXRY (South Carolina), WXNA (Nashville), KX93.5 (California), Lonely Oak Radio (California), WRUR (New York), KWSS (Phoenix), KAFA (Colorado), KCMJ (Colorado), WKQX (Chicago), East Radio Shanghai (China), PUK-FM Johannesburg (South Africa), SRF3 (Switzerland), Flux FM (Germany), Amazing Radio (UK), FAB Radio (UK), Planet Rock (UK), Croydon Radio (UK), Pure 107.8 (UK), Salford City Radio (UK), Radio Scarborough (UK), Riviera FM (UK), Hailsham FM (UK), Saint FM (UK), Radio Warwickshire (UK), Total Rock Radio (UK), Radio Deeside (UK), All FM (UK), Penistone FM (UK), EGH Radio (UK), Pulse FM (UK), North Highland Radio (UK), The Hub FM (UK), Radio Wey (UK), Rock Radio UK (UK), Indie Rage Radio (UK), Sword FM (UK), Radio KC (France), Triple M (Australia), Triple J (Australia), Radioactive FM (New Zealand), RTE2 XM (Ireland), Dublin City FM (Ireland).

PRESS COVERAGE (features/interviews)

One On One Music, Mid TN Music, FAME Magazine, Born Music Online, Vents Magazine, Sync Music, Muzik Speaks, Zone Nights, Mytacism Music, Indie Music Dimension, Indie Buddie, Press Party, Indie Central.

Listen to Tonight here -